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The Greenway Community Centre was officially opened by the Hon Ted Mack M.P. on the 2nd August 1984.  The Community Centre has recently undergone a facelift, with painting throughout, new curtains, blinds and floor coverings.


Available is a comprehensive range of publications and brochures about services and facilities that are available to Social Housing residents.

Operating between 10.00am- 3.00pm each day

Monday – Friday, we operate a swap Library at the Community Centre. We have a comprehensive range of subjects and authors available. The range of books depends on availability. The Community Centre is always glad to receive donations of quality pre loved books to add to its collection. This is a free service for Greenway and other Social Housing tenants.


Community Transport

Key Service

Easy Rider Services are funded by North Sydney Council, and are open to all NSC residents. You can be either a regular weekly customer or use the service occasionally. Easy Rider Services pick you up from your home and return you home for a small cost of $4.50 return, or $2.50 one way. Service operates on the days displayed (except Public Holidays and a limited service between Xmas and New Year).


Please note there is a limit of 2 shopping bags per customer on the bus

To save yourself the embarrassment and financial cost of getting a locksmith ( average cost $120.00 daytime $220.00 after hours)  if you lose or lock your keys in your apartment, the Community Centre has secure  facilities to hold and store your duplicate door and letterbox keys in a fireproof and locked steel safe in the Community Centre. Have a duplicate set of keys at the Community Centre.  This is a free service between 10.00 – 3.00pm Monday – Friday.  If your keys are  required after hours, or on Public Holidays a nominal call out fee of  $20.00 is payable per call out.

The following committee members can be contacted if you are locked out:

Internet Services

 Bryce Gunn ...............Unit A311

 Denise Simpson ........Unit C511

 Tim Anania ................Unit A55

 Dennis Noonan .........Unit C1.11

 Denis Johnson.........  Unit C58

 Terry Kemp................Unit A.8

There are four modern computers connected to the Internet for the use of Social Housing residents.


Cost per hour is $1.50 for internet access.


This service is available:


Monday-Friday from 10.00am-3.00pm

English Class Graduation 2013

English Class Graduation 2013

Two classes are run each week at the Community Centre

Tuesday at 9.00am – 10.00am learners class Gloria)

Thursday 9.00am- 10.00 am advanced class (Bryce)

To make an appointment Phone: 9922 3129

English Classes

Free computer lessons will be provided at the Community Centre


Each Friday between 10.00am - 3.00pm.


For Chinese residents an interpreter can be arranged. Make your booking personally at the Community Centre or Phone: 02 9922 3129 to arrange a suitable time.

Bus trips are regularly arranged in one of the two new coaches that are operated by the Lower North Shore Transport Group.  Both the Coaches one 27 seat and the other 29 seat are air conditioned and very comfortable to travel in. Check the Diary for upcoming excursions. To make a reservation please contact the Community Centre on

Phone: 02 9922 3129

Computer Training

Bus Trips

There are regular services to provide an improved quality of life for residents such as English classes for our "new" Australian residents, Oz Harvest free food delivered weekly, and periodic activities to provide additional recreation and entertainment such as BBQs and bus trips. See below for details.

Australia Day Barbecue

Australia Day Barbecue

There's always something good happening at Greenway

Social Events

Throughout the year regular barbecues are held.  In some cases these are provided in conjunction with other Government and Private bodies that we have partnerships with. The barbecues are held in the Central Garden Area.


During the summer months social outings are organised, visiting a variety of different locations, e.g. Orchards, Farms, Tulip Gardens, Flower Gardens, Reptile Parks, Wild life Parks, Museums, The Coal Loader and Oz Harvest CEO Cook Off. Check the Diary for upcoming events. Telephone the Centre on Phone: 02 9922 3129 to make your booking.

Blue Mountains Bus Trip

Blue Mountains Bus Trip

Market Days

Food Services

OzHarvest Barbeque

Serving up the good stuff

Market days will be arranged during the year. The stalls will be strategically positioned throughout the Greenway grounds. Please check the Diary for upcoming Markets. A booking can be made by either calling personally at the Community Centre or Phone: 02 9922 3129

From the generosity of OzHarvest on Wednesday and Saturday mornings at 10.00am sharp we distribute from the Community Centre Food parcels, consisting of individual meals, both fresh and frozen, vegetables, fresh fruit & cakes. Sometimes there are additional items such as Milk, cooking oil, drinks and health food bars.

Landscape Gardening

Vegetable  Gardens

There are many vegetable and flower gardens at Greenway these are operated by residents at their own expense. These are not community gardens for other residents to harvest when the plants have matured. In most cases the operator of each individual garden is happy to share what he or she has grown with other residents. Please be courteous and ask don’t just take.

All the Flower & Rose Gardens at Greenway have been developed over the last two years with the assistance of two of our partners, The North Sydney Council and Laing O’Rourke.  The ongoing development and growth of these areas is only achieved because of the dedication of volunteer residents of Greenway who selfishly give so much of their free time to make these gardens a feature of Greenway. Volunteers are always required for this ongoing project. If you are interested in helping please call at the Community Centre or Phone: 02 9922 3129

NSC “Council Cab”

Thursday every week .

Church by the bridge logo

On the 1st Sunday each month at 11.00am a group of parishioners from the St John’s Church by the bridge hold a Church Service in the Central Garden Area at Greenway. Following the service a free barbecue is provided for residents and friends who have attended the service.



Pick-ups start from your home at 9.00am to any destination in the North Sydney municipality including the Royal North Shore and Greenwich Hospitals. Returns can be arranged with the driver before 3.00pm.


Cost is $2.50 per trip


For Bookings and Enquiries: please call: Lower North Shore Community Transport Phone: 9490 9553

Check the calendar below for upcoming events and activities

Webmaster: David Cutlan - Enquiries