The Greenway Wellbeing Centre is being initiated by Greenway Tenants Group to improve and maintain the overall health and wellbeing of Greenway tenants.


The centre introduces educational sessions to the residents on site through partner organisations. (e.g. fall prevention program, quit smoking program, free legal aid session, free hearing test, etc.) Tenants are also able to obtain medical information from the centre and if necessary, being referred to medical services from the Wellbeing Centre.


The aim of the Greenway Wellbeing Centre is to give residents the opportunity to seek medical attention locally. All the residents can have a say on the development of the Wellbeing Centre.


It is a collaborative project initiated by the Greenway Tenants Group Inc. to improve and maintain the overall health and wellbeing of Greenway residents by linking with service partners.


The Centre is located at the Housing Office on the ground floor of A Block and is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday between 10am and 3pm. Thursday 1.00pm -3.00pm Phone 9971 3643.

Future services at the centre will include programs and activities that promote good health. Services such as flu vaccinations, podiatry and blood pressure checks, programs such as the quit smoking and falls prevention programs, diet and lifestyle sessions and how to manage asthma, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Free hearing tests will and legal aid sessions will also be available.


We have clubs that operate from the community centre, such as a tai chi class two mornings a week and the walking club, or if you feel more energetic a game of table tennis. There over ten social clubs you can join from cooking to Majong or the writers group, to keep the brain active and expand your circle of friends.

All residents are encouraged to drop in to the Wellbeing Centre at least once a week to check on what sessions are available because there are changes from week to week, but rest assured there is something for everyone to keep you happy, healthy and active.


(Family and Community Services) Outreach Office, Sonia Schofield,  Thursday 10.00am – 1.00pm

Check the calendar below for dates and times of Wellbeing Centre Services.



Webmaster: David Cutlan - Enquiries