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The Greenway Tenant's Group is a not-for-profit incorporated organisation registered as a charity. It is a provider of services to Social Housing tenants in New South Wales. See the Home Page for details of these services.


Membership of the Group is open to all residents of the Greenway Estate situated at Greenway Drive Kirribilli NSW and is administered by a committee comprising of: President, Secretary, Treasurer plus four committee members. The Committee is democratically elected in September each year.


On the 1st of October 2014 the Greenway Tenants Group Incorporated obtained Charity Status from the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission


One of the main purposes of obtaining Charity Status was so that we can raise funds to provide a better standard of living for our predominately ageing residents at the Greenway Estate.


Our first priority in 2015/2016 is to raise funds to install a hydraulic lift in the Greenway grounds that will allow the elderly residents to gain access to Ennis Road so that they can get to the Milson’s Point Railway Station and the Bus Services.


At present the only way to access either of these services from within the Greenway Estate is by climbing one of two very steep and narrow sets of stairs, one outside the Community Centre, the other opposite D Block. There is also another set of stairs in Broughton Street that people can use to get to Ennis Road. We have already had accidents on these stairs, fortunately so far nobody has fallen and been killed as a result of this dangerous situation. .The  other alternative route is to walk along Greenway Drive to the end where it meets Broughton Street, walk up Broughton Street to the junction of Broughton and Ennis Road, then turn a right and cross at the pedestrian crossing in Ennis road to access the Milsons Point Railway  Station This is a distance of about 1 Kilometre. In some instances residents are forced to get a taxi to take them from Greenway Drive to the Milson's Point Station or the Kirribilli Shops so that they can visit their bank. Our oldest resident is 107 years and uses a walking frame for stability. It is very difficult for him to either walk the 1 Kilometre to Milson's Point Station or to navigate one of the 3 sets of precarious steps up to Ennis Road. This resident along with others require assistance to get their walkers up the stairs. Most of the residents are over the age of 70, with a significant group of residents in their nineties.

Residents attending a consultation day at Greenway

Residents attending a consultation day at Greenway

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Our major Fundraising event this year with the help of Laing O'Rourke Australia is the operation of a Weekly Sausage Sizzle between 8.00am – 4.00pm at Bunnings Artarmon.


 If you would like to help us with this exciting and necessary project please contact the Greenway Tenants Group Incorporated on Phone: 02 9922 3129

or Email:

Webmaster: David Cutlan - Enquiries